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Do you sit on the couch to much, are your kids going stir crazy, do you want to learn usable self-defense skills?In these uncertain times its important that you stay active.  You and your family need options to stay fit and healthy while at home. That's why our virtual training has been designed for your needs. Our school conducts group training and private lessons for all of our programs. Learn self-defense right in your living room! Get fit and tone your body with our kickboxing fitness classes. Have your kids burn off their energy while learning valuable martial arts skills.  Now is the time to register!  Get started today with our trial package. Four weeks classes two times per week with training gloves or a uniform for only $49.00. 

Not convinced.... try one FREE virtual class and see how you like it.  Click the link below to get started!

Easy Warm up to do before class time.

You can use this warm up routine anytime! Before class, at the beginning of your day before and after a workout. 

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