Adult Taekwondo Fitness


You Can Be A Black Belt!

 Yes, YOU can be a black belt. Study a 2000 year old martial art that has contemporary application and values. Practicing martial arts helps you feel safe and confident in today's society and provides an excellent way to manage stress, get in shape and feel great. Taekwondo can be practiced throughout your life. It will keep your body flexible and healthy. Our program helps you “Be Your Best Self” by offering you valuable success and balancing your mind, body and spirit.   


Get Fit And Defend Yourself!

 Taekwondo is not all about fighting.  Training includes poomsae, movements that will develop strength, flexibility, stamina, and holistic health.  These movements can be practiced anywhere and will add years to a healthy lifestyle.  It also teaches you self defense, so if there is ever a time when you need it, you will have the skills to win. 


Try Our WEB Special!

 Try our program for 4 weeks.  You will lose weight, get fit and learn self defense. Our 4 week trial comes with a uniform and belt.  Try it you will LOVE it!