Impact Krav Maga

Lose Weight Defend Yourself!



Impact Krav Maga is an effective street defense system. Everything from physical attacks, knife or gun attacks and ground defense can be learned in a short time. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. It is the most effective techniques distilled from every martial art. You can lose weight, burn fat, get strong and learn the most effective techniques on the planet.   

Impact Krav does three things immediately when you begin training.  First, you will lose weight and get fit.  Many students lose up to 3 pounds in the first week.

Second, You will gain confidence no matter where you are.  You will learn effective, practical techniques with and without weapons. Gun, Knife and Grappeling defense techniques are also emphasized. Third, you will learn to defend youself in a short time. It was designed to teach Iserali forces effective techniques in six months. 

I feel confident to go anywhere and not fear anyone!



I never thought I wold be taking martial arts. I'm not the white uniform, bowing kind of girl, but Krav is just raw self defense with a great physical workout. I've lost weight and feel great.  Best of all I know I can handle myself in any situation. 

-Kimberly Burke

This Is Real Self Defense!


 Impact Krav Maga got me in shape faster than I thought.  The workouts are just the right mixure of cardio, resistance exercises and self defense.  The knife and gun defense as well as the ground defense is what I wanted to learn. I'm fit and I can defend myself and my family.  - Jesse