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Kids Martial Arts

San Diego Martial Arts teaches quality programs for students of all ages that are focused on character development and life-skills education. Our professional caring instructors teach traditional martial arts with contemporary application. The traditional values of respect, discipline and perseverance are woven into fun and exciting classes. Our 21 life skills curriculum is second to none in character development.  Our balance of teaching martial arts, character development and realistic self-defense will help you succeed in life. 



Adult Martial Arts & Fitness

YOU can be a black belt! It is never too late to begin training in the martial arts. For adults, taekwondo is the exercising tonic that reawakens the muscles you “once” had. Martial arts training will make you feel safe and confident. It gets you fit fast and is an excellent way to manage stress.  


Krav Maga Self Defense

Krav Maga is an effective street defense system. Everything from physical attacks, knife or gun attacks and ground defense can be learned in a short time. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. It is the most effective techniques distilled from every martial art. You can lose weight, burn fat, get strong and learn the most effective techniques on the planet. 

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Friday November 22nd

Parents Night Out

6pm - 9pm

2710 Garnet Ave #108

Event Details

Friday November 22nd

Parents Night Out

 Come join us for a fun filled evening! A night filled with games,popcorn and a movie. Register Online or at our school! 

6pm - 9pm

2710 Garnet Ave #108


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San Diego Martial Arts Academy

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